Display Line

Whenever you create a link group, a display line is added on top of the fader section in the MixConsole.

The display line shows the number and the name of the created link group and provides a Link Settings pop-up menu that allows you to edit the link group settings.

On the display line, you can change the name of the link group by double-clicking and entering a different name. If you hold down a modifier key and double-click the name, the Link Group Settings dialog opens.

The pop-up menu provides the following options:

Unlink Selected Channels

Only available for a selected link group. Select this option to remove the link between the channels. This removes the link group.

Allows you to change the link group settings.

Included in Link Group: <name of link group>

Shows the link group to which the selected channel belongs. You can assign the selected channel to a different link group. This removes the channel from the current group. If you only want to remove the selected channel from the link group, select None.

Linked Channels

Shows which channels are linked in the link group.