There are so many variables within the boundaries of a multimedia project that only years of experience can cope with all of them. However, here are a few tips and good ideas you can use to help eliminate some common issues.

Preproduction Planning

The most important tip for making postproduction go smoothly for a TV commercial, feature film or even Internet media creation is good use of preproduction planning. Try and meet with all the people involved in a project prior to starting in order to decide how the work will flow once you get into postproduction. Determining frame rates for film and video, film transfer issues, what format the location audio will be recorded in, delivery formats and other details including a working copy of the script will be invaluable to any postproduction audio professional.

TC Burn-In

The timecode burn-in window (BITC) is a section of the video image that contains timecode numbers for each frame of video from the original video editor. Using this, it is possible to align a video perfectly in Nuendo so that all the timecode numbers line up exactly.