GoPro VR Player Remote Window

GoPro VR Player Remote allows Nuendo to control the transport and viewing angle of GoPro VR Player.

  • To open the GoPro VR Player Remote window, select Project > GoPro VR Player Remote.

Video File

Shows the selected video file for playback in GoPro VR Player.

Select Video File

Allows you to select a video file that is located on your local computer or on a remote computer in your network.

Video Stereoscopy

Allows you to select the stereoscopy format of the selected video file.

IP Address/Port

Allows you to enter the IP address of the host computer running GoPro VR Player and the UDP port GoPro VR Player is listening to.

Send Head-Tracking Data

Enables Nuendo to transmit head-tracking data from an external VR controller device to GoPro VR Player.


Connects Nuendo to GoPro VR Player.