Object Busses

In Nuendo, object busses are used to send audio from source tracks in your project as object audio to an external renderer.

An object bus is defined as an output bus that is connected to a device port, which in turn is mapped with a renderer input device port, provided with an object ID.

This connection can be established either automatically or manually when selecting source tracks for objects in the ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos window. If Auto-Connect Object Busses is activated, an object bus is automatically created and connected to the external renderer for each object in the object structure. You can also manually select object busses in the VST MultiPanner of the corresponding source track if the panner works in Object Mode.

When working with object busses, the following applies:

  • Only object busses with a matching channel configuration can be selected. For example, if you want to pan a stereo channel as an object, you can only connect the channel to a stereo object bus.

  • Each object bus can only be used by the VST MultiPanner of one channel in object mode at the same time. The connection between panner and object bus is broken if the object bus is selected in the panner of another channel.


To avoid unwanted results when working with object audio, we recommend the following:

  • Do not use object busses as routing destinations for normal audio channels.

  • The object audio stream is automatically routed through send slot 8 to the object bus. For channels that are in object mode, do not use send slot 8 for other purposes.