External OSC Renderer Setup Dialog

The External OSC Renderer Setup dialog allows you to establish the connection to the external OSC renderer and to map the input ports of the renderer to ASIO output device ports of your system. Mapped device ports that are connected to output busses in the Audio Connections window serve as your object busses in your OSC project.

  • To open the External OSC Renderer Setup dialog, select Studio > External OSC Renderer Setup.

OSC Data Transmission

Activates/Deactivates the transmission of OSC data.

IP Address

Allows you to enter the IP network address of the OSC renderer.

Port Number

Allows you to enter the port number of the OSC renderer.


Allows you to define the OSC message header. The reset button to the right allows you to reset the OSC message header to default.

Nuendo Output Device Port

Lists the available ASIO output device ports.

Object ID

Allows you to map your ASIO output device ports to input device ports of your renderer.

Map All

Maps all available ASIO output device ports to object IDs automatically.

Unmap All

Discards the mapping between all ASIO output device ports and object IDs.


The last used connection to a renderer is saved. It is restored when you start the application.