Network Requirements

You can set up a network with both LAN and WAN connections. While LAN connections use broadcast messages to find other computers, WAN connections must be added manually.

Your LAN network must meet the following criteria:

  • All computers use the same LAN.

  • All computers communicate properly via the TCP/IP protocol.

  • The network is activated.

  • UDP 6990 broadcasts reach all computers.

  • All firewalls are configured to allow Nuendo to communicate on TCP port 6991, 6992, and if possible UDP 6990.


If the computers are unable to communicate, contact your network administrator, or consult the network documentation for your operating system.

If no UDP 6990 broadcast is possible, you can add a WAN connection if you know the domain name or the IP address of the computer. For connections over the internet this must meet the following criteria:

  • All computers have a working internet connection.

  • All computers have a public IP address or port mapping is configured.


    If your computer has multiple network interfaces, you must select the IP address of the interface that is connected to the Nuendo workgroup in the Network Interface Setup dialog. Here, you must also enter the Sub-Net Mask for your specific network adapter.

    The Network Interface Setup dialog opens automatically when you start the application or when you activate the Network function and multiple network interfaces are available on your computer.