Extracting a Tempo Definition Grid from Audio

If you have an audio file with an unknown tempo or a beat that is not straight, and you want to match it to the project tempo, you must first extract its tempo definition grid. This is done with the Auto Adjust function in the Definition section of the Sample Editor.


You have defined a range in your audio clip or event that starts and ends at a barline.


  1. Double-click the audio clip or event in the Project window to open it in the Sample Editor.
  2. Open the Definition section, and select a value from the Grid pop-up menu.

    This determines the grid resolution for your audio.

  3. With the Range Selection tool, select the section that you want to use in your project, and that covers one or several bars.

    If you do not select a range, the grid is calculated for the audio event. If no audio event is defined, the grid is calculated for the clip. Make sure that the event or clip starts and ends on a barline.

  4. Click Auto Adjust.


The definition grid is calculated for the selected section. The snap point moves to the start of the selected range. The audio tempo definition ruler changes to reflect your edits, and bars and beats positions are marked with vertical lines.