Project Logical Editor Window Overview

The Project Logical Editor window allows you to combine filter conditions, functions, actions, and macros to perform very powerful processing.

  • To open the Project Logical Editor, select Project > Project Logical Editor.

  1. Filter Conditions

    Allow you to specify the conditions such as type, attribute, value, position, that a specific element must meet to be found. You can combine any number of filter conditions using And/Or operators.

  2. Action List

    Allows you to set up a list of actions that specifies exactly what is done. This is not necessary for all functions.

  3. Function pop-up menu

    Allows you to select if the found elements are transformed, deleted, or selected.

  4. Macro pop-up menu

    Allows you to select a macro.

  5. Apply

    Applies your settings.


Not every combination of settings always makes sense. Experiment a bit before applying your edits to important projects.


You can undo the operations by selecting Edit > Undo.