Markers Window

In the Markers window, you can view and edit markers. The markers on the active marker track are displayed in the marker list in the order in which they occur in the project.

To open the Markers window, you have the following possibilities:

  • Select Project > Markers.

  • On the Transport panel in the marker section, click Show.

  • Use a key command (by default Ctrl/Cmd-M).

Set focus to marker track

Allows you to select the marker track that has the focus.

Functions menu

Lists all functions available in the Marker window.

Set up Attribute Columns

Allows you to set up the attribute columns.

Set up Attribute Columns for Details

Allows you to set up the attribute columns for the details.

Reset Filters

Allows you to remove all filters for all columns.

Filter Markers

Allows you to specify which marker type is shown in the marker list.

Auto-Scroll with Project Cursor

Allows you to keep track of the locate arrow, even if your project contains a large number of markers. If this option is activated, the Marker window is automatically scrolled to keep the locate arrow visible.

Markers list

Shows the markers in the order in which they occur in the project.

Details View

Shows the attributes that are set up for the details view.

ADR Panel

Shows the ADR functions.

Show Details View

Shows the details view.

Show ADR Panel

Shows the ADR panel.

Marker Settings

Shows the marker settings.