Import Options Dialog for Audio Files

The Import Options dialog allows you to make specific settings for the audio import.

  • When you import audio files and Open Options Dialog is activated in the On Import Audio Files section of the Preferences dialog (Editingā€”Audio page), the Import Options dialog opens.

Figure: Import Options dialog for single file import

Figure: Import Options dialog for multipe file import

Copy File to Project Folder/Copy All Files to Project Folder

Copies the audio file to the Audio folder of the project, and has the clip refer to the copy.

Deactivate this option to have the clip refer to the original file in the original location. In this case, it is marked as external in the Pool.

Convert to Project Settings/Convert to Project Settings and Copy to Project Folder If Needed

Converts the imported file if the sample rate or the bit depth differ from the settings in the Project Setup dialog. For single file import, you can choose which properties are converted.

Split Channels

Splits stereo or multichannel audio files into a corresponding number of mono files, one for each channel, and copies the imported files to the Audio folder of the project.

The split files are inserted into the project and into the Pool as separate mono tracks.

The Name Format pop-up menu allows you to specify how the split files are named. This allows for compatibility with other products when exchanging audio files.

Do not ask again

Always imports files according to the settings without opening the dialog again. You can reset this option in the Preferences dialog (Editingā€”Audio page).