Steinberg Library Manager

Steinberg Library Manager
The standalone Steinberg Library Manager application that is installed together with your Steinberg DAW or plug-in allows you to register and manage your VST Sound libraries.
Steinberg Library Manager Editor
The Steinberg Library Manager editor displays your installed VST Sound content. The libraries for the different Steinberg product families are located on different tabs, which makes it easier to manage your content.
Installing VST Sound Libraries
To install a new library, you must register the corresponding VST Sound container files.
Moving Libraries
Moving libraries to another save location can be useful if you accidentally registered them to the wrong folder, or if you added a faster SSD hard disk to your setup and want to save your libraries there, for example.
Removing Libraries
You can remove a library if you do not want to use its contents any longer.
Removing Duplicate VST Sound Containers
If duplicate VST Sound containers are found on your system, a warning icon lights up on the Library Manager toolbar.