Selecting the MIDI Input and the Audio Output

The MIDI input pop-up menu lists all MIDI devices that are installed on your system.

  • Select the MIDI device that you want to use from the MIDI Input pop-up menu.

    The MIDI activity LED in the top left corner of the control panel indicates incoming MIDI messages via the selected MIDI input. The LED lights up on receiving note-on and controller messages. This way, you can check if HALion Sonic SE and your MIDI keyboard are connected to the same MIDI device input.

The Audio output pop-up menu lists all outputs of the selected ASIO device.

  • To select an audio output for the main stereo channel of the plug-in, open the Audio Output pop-up menu.

    If you select an audio output, the front and rear channels are set to incrementing audio output ports. To assign the audio outputs in pairs to the front and rear channels instead, hold down Alt-Shift and select an output.