Assigning Chords or Notes to Trigger Pads


  1. Right-click a pad and select Snapshot Chord.

    The pad starts blinking.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Play a chord or a single note and then click the pad that is blinking to assign the chord or note to the pad.

    • Drag a chord event from the chord track of your Steinberg DAW onto a trigger pad. This transfers the corresponding MIDI notes to the pad.

      If you drag a chord event onto the internal keyboard first, the corresponding chord is played back. This is useful to verify whether you selected the correct chord.

    If you define a chord that contains a key switch, you can trigger the chord with a specific instrument expression.

    If you add keys to a chord that also work as trigger notes, they trigger the underlying MIDI note instead of the trigger note.


Triggering the pad now plays the chord or note.