Slot Context Menu

The context menu provides a number of functions for managing programs.

Load Program

Opens the program loader. Double-click a program to load it into this slot.

Save Program

Saves the program. If you try to overwrite write-protected factory content, a dialog opens that allows you to save the edited program under a new name.

Save Program As

Allows you to save the program under a new name.

Save All Programs

Allows you to save all programs as a VST preset.

Export Program

Allows you to change the attributes for your program and save it in a new location.

Export All Programs

Allows you to set up attributes for all programs at the same time and save them in a new location.

  • Existing attribute values are kept, that is, if a program already contains an attribute value for an attribute that you set up for all programs, this value is not overwritten.

Remove Program

Removes the program from the slot.

Init Program

Loads the Init program. This contains a neutral synth layer.

Revert to Last Saved Program

Discards any changes that you made to the program since the last time it was saved.

Cut Program

Copies the program and removes it from the slot.

Copy Program

Copies the program.

Paste Program

Pastes the copied program into the slot. If the slot already contains a program, it is replaced.

Rename Program

Allows you to rename the program.

Reset Slot

Resets the slot to the default values.

Reset All Slots

Resets all slots to the default values.


You can also cut, copy, and paste programs from one plug-in instance to another.