Programs, Layers, and Multis


A program is a complex instrument or sound that can consist of up to 4 layers.


Programs are combinations of up to 4 layers. Often, a layer contains all components of a particular instrument sound, such as the synthesis part or insert effects. You can make settings for each layer on the corresponding macro page.


HALion Sonic SE is a multitimbral plug-in that can load up to 16 sounds (or programs) and combine them. This combination is called a multi-program, or multi for short. You can use multis to layer several programs or to create split sounds by setting several programs to the same MIDI input channel, for example. However, the most common usage is to create sound sets with different instruments set to individual MIDI channels.


You can save and load all types of sounds as presets, that is, you can create presets for single programs and for multis.