Program Slot Section

The slot parameters are the same as in the multi program rack. In addition, the following parameters are available:

Slot Number

The number of the active slot. You can switch to another slot by clicking the slot number and selecting an entry from the list.


Only slots that contain programs are available on the list.

Load Previous Program/Load Next Program

Loads the previous/next program.

The list of programs depends on the MediaBay filter that is active for the slot. For example, if you set the filter to show only bass sounds and double-click a sound to load it, you can use the Load Previous Program/Load Next Program buttons to step through the filtered list of bass sounds for the slot.

Load Icon

Click the Load icon to the right of the slot to open the program loader. Double-click a program to load it.

MIDI Activity Indicator

The MIDI symbol starts blinking when incoming MIDI data is detected.


Adjusts the output level of the slot.


Adjusts the position of the slot in the stereo panorama.


On the output selector, you define the output destination of the slot signal.


Sets the number of keys that can be played simultaneously.


One key can trigger several layers. On the performance meter, you can see how many voices are triggered by your playing.

Program Icon

The program icon indicates the sound category to which the program belongs. It depends on the category and subcategory tags that are specified for a program in the MediaBay.