Sub Page

The Sub page contains the settings for the sub oscillator, the ring modulation and the noise generator.

To activate the sub oscillator, the ring modulator, and the noise generator, click their On/Off buttons.


Deactivate the sub oscillator, the ring modulator, and the noise generator if they are not needed, because they use CPU cycles even if they are not heard, such as in a situation where the level is set to 0 %.

Sub Oscillator

The pitch of the sub oscillator is always one octave lower than the overall pitch. The overall pitch is determined by the Octave setting.


Activates/Deactivates the sub oscillator.


The wave shape of the sub oscillator. You can choose between Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square, Pulse Wide, and Pulse Narrow.


Adjusts the output level of the sub oscillator.

Ring Modulator

Ring modulation produces sums and differences between the frequencies of two signals.

Ring Modulation Source 1/Ring Modulation Source 2

Determines the sources to be ring modulated. You can select OSC 1 or Sub as Source 1, and OSC 2 or OSC 3 as Source 2.


Make sure that the corresponding oscillators are activated when you select them. Otherwise, no sound is heard.

Ring Modulation Level

Adjusts the output level of the ring modulation.

Noise Generator

Noise Type

The sound color of the noise. You can choose between standard and band-pass filtered (BPF) versions of white and pink noise.

Noise Level

Adjusts the output level of the noise generator.

Trigger and Pitch Section


If Mono mode is deactivated, you can use this parameter to specify how many notes can be played simultaneously.


Activates monophonic playback.


This option is only available in Mono mode. If Retrigger is activated, a note that was stolen by another note is retriggered if you still hold the stolen note when you release the new one.

This way, you can play trills by holding one note and quickly and repeatedly pressing and releasing another note, for example.

Trigger Mode

Defines the trigger behavior for new notes. The following settings are available:

  • In Normal mode, a new note is triggered when the previous note is stolen.

  • In Resume mode, the envelope is retriggered, but resumes at the level of the stolen note. The pitch is set to the new note.

  • In Legato mode, the envelopes keep playing and the pitch is set to the new note.


Allows you to bend the pitch between notes that follow each other. You achieve the best results in Mono mode.

Glide Time

Sets the glide time, that is, the time it takes to bend the pitch from one note to the next.


Activate this parameter to glide the pitch only between notes that are played legato.


Adjusts the pitch in octave steps.

Pitchbend Up/Pitchbend Down

Determines the range for the modulation that is applied when you move the pitchbend wheel.