Editing the Factory Content

Which content is available for HALion Sonic SE depends on which Steinberg DAW you are using. However, even though the available programs and layers may differ between versions, they use the same macro page.

The macro page is divided into the following sections: Voice/Pitch, Filter and Amplifier.

In the top right section of the macro page, information on the content is shown.

Voice/Pitch Section

This section gives you access to the tuning parameters.


Adjusts the pitch in octave steps.


Adjusts the pitch in semitone steps.


Allows you to fine-tune the pitch in cent steps.

Pitchbend Up/Pitchbend Down

Determines the range for the modulation that is applied when you move the pitchbend wheel.


If Mono mode is deactivated, you can use this parameter to specify how many notes can be played simultaneously.


Activates monophonic playback.

Filter Section

This section allows you to adjust the filter settings. These parameters work as offsets, that is, they raise or lower the actual values.


This section is only available when a filter is used.


Controls the cutoff frequency of the filter.


Emphasizes the frequencies around the cutoff. At higher settings, the filter self-oscillates, which results in a ringing tone.


Controls the attack time of the filter envelope.


Controls the release time of the filter envelope.

Amplifier Section

This section gives you access to the level and pan settings. Furthermore, you can adjust the attack and release times of the amplifier envelopes individually.


Controls the overall volume of the sound.


Determines the position of the sound in the stereo panorama. At a setting of -100 %, the sound is panned hard left, and at +100 %, it is panned hard right.


Controls the attack time of the amplifier envelope.


Controls the decay time of the amplifier envelope.