The FlexPhraser is an arpeggio and phrase player.

Each program features up to five FlexPhrasers: one for each layer and one for the program. While the program FlexPhrasers always work with phrases, the functionality of layer FlexPhrasers changes with the layer type. For synth, sample, instrument, or drum layers, a FlexPhraser can play back anything from basic synth arpeggios over dynamic drum phrases to realistic accompaniment phrases for guitar, bass, piano, etc.

You can select from a great variety of phrases that suit a wide range of musical instruments and styles. Depending on the selected phrase, the FlexPhraser uses your live playing to modify the phrase in real-time. This allows you to re-harmonize phrases by playing different chords, for example.

If you are working with loop layers, the FlexPhraser triggers the slices of the loop with their original timing and order. You can trigger a transposed version of the loop, playing higher or lower in pitch. In addition, you can vary the order with a random function and export the slice sequence to your host sequencer via drag and drop.


You can play the individual slices or the entire loop. The lower half of the key range triggers the loop and the upper half is used to play single slices. The loop keys are displayed in green on the keyboard.


FlexPhraser presets contain the selected phrase, as well as the performance settings of the FlexPhraser, such as Tempo, Tempo Scale, Loop, Swing, etc.


Presets can only be saved and loaded for phrases, not for sliced loops.