Automation and Factory MIDI Controller Assignment

Several parameters on the plug-in interface are available for automation from your host software and can be assigned to an external MIDI controller.

The table shows the controller numbers and names of the default factory MIDI controller assignment. The assigned MIDI controller numbers are the same for all slots. However, the MIDI controllers listen only to the MIDI channels of the corresponding slot.


Controller Number








Send FX 1


Effect 1 Depth

Send FX 2


Effect 2 Depth

Send FX 3


Effect 3 Depth

Send FX 4


Effect 4 Depth

Program QC 1



Program QC 2


Harmonic Content

Program QC 3


Attack Time

Program QC 4


Release Time

Program QC 5


Sound Controller #6

Program QC 6


Sound Controller #7

Program QC 7


Sound Controller #8

Program QC 8


Sound Controller #9

  • Send FX 1-4 are only available if the corresponding AUX send effects are loaded.

  • You can remotely control any other parameter by assigning the parameter first to a quick control and then to a MIDI controller.

  • You can use MIDI controllers inside the modulation matrix of a synth or sample layer to control the cutoff, for example.