The Skylab synth is an instrument that produces a wide range of sounds that are perfectly suited to create cinematic or ambient soundtracks. It comes with a large number of multi-samples that provide a variety of evolving pads and soundscapes as well as typical orchestral sounds like strings, brass, and choirs, allowing you to create huge and epic sounds. Furthermore, percussive sample sets of orchestral percussion and taikos are available that can be used with the integrated arpeggiator to create rhythmic patterns, for example.

Skylab’s oscillator section can be switched between Sample Mode and Grain Mode.

Grain Mode uses granular synthesis with up to eight grain streams, which allows you to produce even more variations of the source samples. The oscillator is followed by a multi-mode filter that offers a large number of different filter shapes. The filter can be modulated by modulation sources like the keyboard, velocity, and LFO, but also by the controller lanes of the step sequencer, for example. Skylab includes two monophonic LFOs that can be synchronized to the host tempo and allow you to modulate a large number of modulation destinations using the modulation matrix. In addition, a third envelope is included that can be assigned to destinations like Pitch, Pan, or Wavetable parameters in the modulation matrix.

Skylab contains four pages: Osc, Mod, Voice, and Arp. To show the settings for a page, click the corresponding page button.

The button for the Arp page also contains an On/Off button for the arpeggiator.