The toolbar below the plug-in functions section contains controls for loading multi-programs on the left, the buttons to switch between the different pages, and various useful global functions.

Global insert, AUX, and FlexPhraser buttons

Use these buttons to switch off all insert effects, AUX effects, and FlexPhrasers for the whole plug-in at once. You can use this to compare sounds with and without effects or to use a preset without the FlexPhrasers, for example.

Lock button

If this button is activated, loading another program or layer does not overwrite the current FlexPhraser and trigger pad settings.

MIDI Reset

Click this button to stop playback and reset all MIDI controllers to their default values.


To undo or redo a single operation, click the Undo or Redo buttons. To undo or redo multiple operations, click the arrow next to the button to open the history and select the step to which you want to return.


This button toggles between the two views: the full-size editor view (e) and the smaller player view (p).