Modulation Matrix

The concept of controlling one parameter by another is called modulation. HALion Sonic offers many fixed assigned modulations, such as the amplitude and filter envelopes, or pitch key follow. In the modulation matrix, you can assign additional modulations.

Assigning modulations means interconnecting modulation sources, like LFOs and envelopes, with modulation destinations, like pitch, cutoff, amplitude, etc.

The modulation matrix offers you up to 32 freely assignable modulations, each with a source, an offset parameter, a modifier, and a destination with adjustable depth. All modulation sources and destinations can be assigned several times. The polarity of each source can be switched between unipolar and bipolar. An additional modifier and user-definable curves and ranges give you further control over the modulation.

The modulation matrix is divided into two sections. On the left, you can assign modulation sources to destinations and adjust the modulation depth. The section on the right contains settings for the curve and range editor, where you can make further settings for the selected modulation source.