Setting Up the Program in the Program Tree

You can set up a program by adding elements such as modules, layers, or zones, and by structuring them in the Program Tree.

  • To add elements to the program, use the buttons on the toolbar, or open the context menu and select the element that you want to add from the New submenu.

  • To rearrange the program structure, drag the elements to a new position in the tree.

    To drag an element to another hierarchical level in the program, drag it onto the topmost element of this level.


    The order of MIDI modules and insert effects determines the order of the processing. The topmost element is processed first, the lowest last.

  • To move or copy elements, open the context menu and use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands.

    You can also copy or move the selection from one program to another.


    You can move a complete program into another one. In this case the moved program becomes a layer inside the target program.