Tuning Scale

This MIDI module allows you to create custom tuning scales or apply one of the tuning scale presets.


The most commonly used scale in western music is the equal tempered scale, where adjacent notes are positioned at an equal distance of 100 cents from each other. Another well-known traditional tuning scale is the well-tempered scale or the Kirnberger scale, for example.

You can find examples in the presets that come with HALion.

Scala Files

You can import tuning scales in the popular Scala file format via the scale preset pop-up menu.

This way, you can make use of the thousands of tuning scale presets that are available on the Internet.

Absolute Mode

MIDI notes can contain micro-tuning information, that is, tune offsets per note.

If Absolute Mode is activated, this information is ignored, and only the settings of the tuning scale are applied.

If Absolute Mode is deactivated, the tuning scale settings are applied on top of the incoming micro-tuning information.


Specifies how to apply the tuning scale. With a setting of 100%, the tune offsets are applied as specified in the tuning scale. At 0%, the tuning scale is not applied.

Notes Mode/Octaves Mode

Determines whether your tuning changes are equally applied to all octaves on the keyboard or only to specific notes.