Zone Editor Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the Zone Editor contains tools that show/hide more information and set up basic parameters.

Mute Zone

Mutes the zone.

HALion 3 Compatibility

This button lights up if you load an FXP file from HALion 3, to indicate that HALion is in compatibility mode. This way, FXP files sound like they did in HALion 3.

If you deactivate the compatibility button, some modulations will sound different.


Allows you to switch between absolute and relative editing.


Allows you to select whether the editing is applied to all zones or to the selected zones.

Selected Zones

Here, you can see how many zones are selected in the Program Tree.

Zone Presets

The preset controls allow you to create and manage zone presets.

Zone presets contain the settings that you apply to the different Zone Editor sections. They do not contain samples or change the zone type. You can set up a zone preset to make it easier to create several similar zones when importing samples. For example, for drum loops, you would use a preset with a high level setting and no headroom, for multi-sample zones, you would set up a headroom, because several notes are playing at the same time, etc.