Setting Up Automation

By default, some of the slot parameters are already assigned to automation parameters, for example Mute, Solo, Volume, Pan, and Program Change. When you load a program, it automatically adds its automation parameters for the eight quick controls and the sphere control.

Creating Automation Parameters

  • To assign a parameter to an automation parameter, right-click the parameter control, and select Assign to New Automation. The automation parameter is created on the first available automation parameter.

  • To add a parameter to an existing automation parameter, right-click the control, select Add to Automation, and select the automation parameter.

  • To remove a parameter from the automation, right-click an automated control, and select Forget Automation.

  • To assign a parameter to an automation parameter automatically while working in your host application, activate Automation Read/Write, start playback, and use the controls on the HALion interface.


    To create automation parameters only for selected zones, first select these zones or the layer that contains these zones.

Assigning Parameters to Automation Parameters

The selection in the Program Tree determines the scope of the automation parameter, that is, which element it affects. For example, select a zone to automate this zone, and select a layer to automate all zones within this layer, etc.


If you assign an automation parameter to a group of zones within a layer, the incoming automation data affects all zones in the same way, and individual settings of zones are overwritten. For example, if the zones of a layer have different Cutoff values and you start automating the Cutoff parameter, the zones are all set to the same Cutoff value.


If you have assigned automation parameters for a program and then load another program into this slot, it can become necessary to verify the automation settings.

If the new program has the same structure as the previous program, for example, if you exchange a Voltage preset with another Voltage preset, HALion reconnects the automation parameters correctly, and no manual modifications are necessary. However, if you load a preset with a different structure, for example a Model C preset, the automation parameters cannot be reconnected. In this case, the disconnected automation parameters are still displayed in the automation list.