Importing Wavetables

HALion can import wavetables that were saved as wave files.

If the file header of the wave file contains information about the size of the single-cycle waves of the wavetable, HALion imports the wavetable automatically when the wave file is loaded. The waves of the wavetable and the corresponding wavetable envelope will be set up to fit a duration of 2 seconds.

If the file header does not contain this information, it can be specified manually. This works differently for waves that contain one single-cycle wave and waves that contain multiple single-cycle waves.


  1. Load the wave file.
  2. On the toolbar, activate Fixed Size.
  3. Set Window Size to the number of samples of the single-cycle wave and Window Crossfade to 0 %.
  4. If the file contains multiple single cycle waves, set Marker Creation Mode to Equal Distance and set Number of Markers to the number of waves.

    Usually, a readme file or a technical specification that gives you information about the size of the single-cycle waves is provided with the wavetable. To determine the number of waves, divide the length of the sample by the size of the single-cycle waves.