Markers in the sample display determine at which position in a sample a wave is extracted.

You can enter markers manually or create them automatically.

Creating Wave Markers Automatically

  1. Select the portion of the sample you want to analyze.

    If no selection is made, the entire sample is analyzed.

  2. Select a Marker Creation Mode.

  3. Use the Number of Markers or the Threshold parameters to create the markers.

Creating and Removing Wave Markers Manually

  • To add a marker, Alt-click at the position where you want to insert the marker.

    For each marker, a wave is added to the wavetable and an envelope segment is added to the wavetable envelope.

  • To remove a marker, Alt-click it.


You can move markers by dragging them in the display.

Moving Selected Wave Markers

You can change the position and distribution of wave markers within a multi selection of markers.

  • To compress or expand all markers, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and move the first or the last marker of the selection.

  • To modify the distribution of the markers inside the selection, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and move one of the middle markers.

    Moving the marker towards the first or last marker compresses the density of markers on one side and expands it on the other side.