Wavetable Editor

The Wavetable Editor allows you to create wavetables by extracting waves from samples.

The Osc 1 and Osc 2 tabs in the top section of the Wavetable Editor allow you to switch between the settings for the two oscillators.

The Wavetable Editor contains a sample display, a Spectrum tab, and an Envelope tab. At the bottom of the window, an overview of the wavetable that contains the extracted waves is displayed.

The file path and name of the sample are displayed above the sample display. If more than one sample is loaded, the file path serves as a menu to select the sample to edit and display. If you select a sample, the waves that belong to it are selected in the wavetable.

The order of the waves in the wavetable determines how the sound evolves when you modulate the position, either automatically with the Speed parameter or manually in the modulation matrix.