Recording From an Audio Track That Contains Multiple Drum Sounds

Recording audio from a track in a Steinberg DAW allows you to save any processing, fades, etc. directly in the audio event.


  1. In HALion, select the program for which you want to record the samples.
  2. Open the Sample Recorder.
  3. Set the Next Key field to the key on which you want the first sample to be recorded.
  4. In the plug-in header of HALion, activate the Activate Side-Chain button.
  5. On the Input Source pop-up menu, select Input.
  6. In the DAW, route the output of the audio track to the side-chain input of HALion.

    Alternatively, you can also add a send on the mixer channel of the audio track and route it to the side-chain input of HALion.

  7. In the Sample Recorder, set Record Start Trigger and Record Stop Trigger to Audio Threshold and specify the threshold levels.
  8. Set the Sample Mode to Auto Next to create multiple sample recordings.
  9. Set Mapping to Chromatic to map the zones automatically to the keys on the keyboard.
  10. Click the Record/Record Enable button to enable recording.
  11. In the Steinberg DAW, play back the audio track.

    As soon as the audio signal exceeds the Start threshold, the first sample recording starts. When the audio level falls below the Stop threshold, recording ends and the sample zone is created. The Sample Recorder automatically reverts to its record-enabled state and starts recording again as soon as the signal exceeds the threshold.


HALion creates a sample zone for each audio event on the track.