Exporting Programs and Layers with Samples

You can export a program or layer together with the corresponding samples as a VST preset.


  1. Select the program or layer and select Import/Export > Export Samples.
  2. In the Export Preset with Samples dialog, specify a preset name in the Preset File field or click the button to the right of the field to open a dialog that allows you to navigate to the folder where you want to save the preset and to specify a name for it.
  3. Specify the path in the Preset Path field.

    User presets are always saved in the user presets folder. In this field, you can specify or create a subfolder in which to save the preset.

  4. Specify the location for the exported samples in the Sample Path field.

    You can open the pop-up menu and use variables or click the button to the right of the field and navigate to the folder where you want to save the exported samples.

    You can automatically create folders using variables for the sample path. Where necessary, complete the file path by typing in a backslash (Win) or a slash (Mac). You can combine several variables, separating them with hyphens, spaces, etc.

  5. Specify the names for the samples in the Sample Name field. You can enter a name manually or use one or more variables from the pop-up menu.

    In the Example Name and Status Message fields below, the results of your settings are shown. If some samples cannot be exported or if problems occur, a warning message is shown.

  6. Specify the file format for the samples in the File Format section.
  7. Optional: Set up the Header Options, Audio Options, and Export Options sections.
  8. Click OK.

    Samples that are loaded from HSB files or protected VST sound files cannot be exported.


The VST preset is created at the specified location.


The VST preset also includes all resources, such as the macro page, bitmaps, fonts, scripts etc. This data is written into a folder that is saved in the same folder as the preset file. This way, you can move a preset to another system without losing any of the necessary components. If several presets are exported to the same location and if they share a macro page, the necessary resources are exported only once.