Exporting Programs and Layers as HALion Sonic SE Layer Presets

By exporting programs or layers as HALion Sonic SE Layer presets, you can make sure that they can be loaded correctly by HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE. This is particularly useful if you create content that will be part of a VST Sound container, because it lets you verify whether the preset contains all necessary resources.


HALion Sonic layers require a macro page to be controllable from within HALion Sonic. Without macro page, the program can be loaded and played, but not edited.

The macro page must be attached to the exported layer. Macro pages that are attached to sublayers cannot be accessed in HALion Sonic or HALion Sonic SE.


  1. Right-click the program or layer and select Import/Export > Export Program as HALion Sonic SE Layer Preset/Export Layer as HALion Sonic SE Layer Preset.
  2. Specify a file name and a location for the preset.
  3. Optional: In the right section of the dialog, set up the attributes for the preset.


The preset is written into the specified folder and can be accessed via the MediaBay.