Program Table Context Menu

Load Program

Allows you to load a program.

Save Program

Saves the current program.

Save Program As

Allows you to save a program under a new name and in a different subfolder in the content folder.

Save All Programs

Saves all programs in the Program Table.

Save Selected Programs

Saves the selected programs.

Export Selected Programs As HALion Sonic SE Layer Presets

Allows you to add attributes to the selected programs and export them as HALion Sonic SE Layer Presets.

Export Selected Programs

Allows you to export multiple programs without changing their format. This means that HALion Sonic programs are saved as HALion Sonic programs, HALion Sonic SE programs as HALion Sonic SE programs, etc. This can be useful if you created a large number of presets for HALion Sonic SE and you realize that you have to make late modifications to all of them in HALion, either manually or by using a script, for example. Once all programs are modified, you can export them while keeping them compatible with the program version they were created for.


Deletes the program from the slot.


Cuts/Copies the program from the current slot.


Pastes the cut or copied program to the current slot.

Always Preload Program

If a program is loaded into the Program Table but is not used in one of the slots, its samples are not preloaded. With this option, you can preload individual unassigned programs, to allow for a faster MIDI program change.

Preload Program On Demand

Activate this option if you want to preload the program samples only when it is loaded into a slot.