Automatic Output Connection

If connections to busses cannot be established in HALion, the signals are automatically routed to the master bus.

HALion allows you to select outputs in many places. You can find output selectors in zones, layer busses, AUX busses, and slots. Each output can be freely named and the output selectors reflect these names.

Different programs on different slots may contain output configurations that are not available, for example, because busses with the required names are not present in a multi.

  • If connections cannot be established, a dialog opens showing all pending busses. For each missing bus, you can select another bus to be used instead.

    Pending busses can also occur when loading layers into programs. If a layer does not find the required busses, the same dialog opens.

  • If an assigned output bus is deactivated in the host, HALion shows a red warning icon on the output channel and the Mixer channels that are connected to it.

    You will still be able to hear the signal, because all signals are routed to the master bus in the background. However, all output selectors remain as they are, allowing you to reestablish the connections later, by activating the outputs in your host, etc.