MIDI Controllers

HALion allows you to assign almost any parameter to a MIDI controller. However, you can only assign one parameter of a single zone, layer, effect control, etc. at a time. If you want to use the same MIDI controller for several zones, layers, etc., you have to assign it several times.

A more convenient way to control a zone parameter, such as the cutoff frequency for all zones, for example, is to assign a quick control to that parameter and then assign the MIDI controller to that quick control. This allows you to control all zones simultaneously and this way, you can also preserve different cutoff settings per zone and simply control the offset that is added by the quick control.

By default, the most common parameters like slot volume and pan, and the quick controls of each slot are already assigned. The AUX FX send modules 1-4 for the slots are also assigned and are controllable as soon as you load one of the AUX FX send modules for an insert effect.

To provide more control, you can set the minimum and maximum range for each assignment separately.