Libraries are identical to macro pages, except that they do not include a functional user interface. Libraries can contain templates and their resources, as well as any further useful content for macro pages.

You can open and edit libraries in the Resource/Library Browser. Libraries are visualized with a light bluish background to distinguish them from bitmap resources, for example. When you click a library, its contents are shown. If a library contains folders, these are displayed in a blue color to distinguish them from the folders provided by the operating system.

You can edit libraries in the same way as macro pages. For example, you can create new templates, insert templates by dragging them from another macro page or library into the new library, create new folders inside a library file, drag templates from libraries to a macro page, etc.

To edit a library, right-click it in the Resource/Library Browser and select Edit Library.


To make editing operations such as copying easier, open two Macro Page Designer windows, so that you can drag elements from one window to the other.