Unassigned VST Sound Containers

When you add presets to your library that use samples referring to other VST Sound containers, these containers are added as required VST Sound containers to the Unassigned VST Sound list.

This allows you to change the structure of your library if you do not want to reference external content.

If you want the maximum number of people to be able to use your library, for example, with Steinberg’s free HALion Sonic SE, you should avoid dependencies to other VST Sound containers.

For example, if your presets contain layers or samples that use HALion/HALion Sonic content, such as Auron, HALiotron, or Voltage, the presets can be used by HALion and HALion Sonic users. If your presets contain layers or samples that use HALion Sonic SE libraries, such as Basic, Artist, or Trip, they can be used by Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro users, etc.

If you use presets with dependencies to other VST Sound containers, be sure to inform potential customers/users of your library about these requirements, especially if your library is not for free.

To remove dependencies, you can either modify or remove the corresponding presets.

  • HSB containers are not supported as external dependencies.

  • If you build a library for HALion Sonic, for example, external dependencies to HALion Sonic factory VST Sound containers are resolved automatically and are not mentioned in the Unassigned VST Sound list, because these containers are also installed on the computer of the end users.


Allows you to search for a specific container, preset, or sample, or to replace strings.

  • Find: Allows you to enter the text string that you are searching.

  • Replace: Allows you to specify the text string that you want to use instead.

  • Find Previous/Next: Allows you to move from one result to the next.

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  • Case Sensitive: Activate this option to make the search case sensitive.

  • Search in all Attributes: Activate this option if you want to search for text in all attribute columns. Otherwise, only the name column is searched.

Show Issues

Click here to open a list of issues that have been detected in the added presets during a consistency check.

Click the button to redo the consistency check. This can be useful if the check has detected missing MediaBay tags, for example.


Refreshes the list. Use this if you have added tags to the presets in the MediaBay.