The Auron synth uses granular synthesis with up to 8 grain streams to produce oscillator waveforms. With the integrated arpeggiator and step sequencer, you can create anything from sequencer lines to stepped chords.

The granular oscillator is followed by a multi-mode filter that offers a large number of different filter shapes. The filter can be modulated by modulation sources like the keyboard, velocity, and LFO, but also by the controller lanes of the step sequencer, for example.

Auron includes 2 LFOs. The first LFO can be synchronized to the tempo of the host application and allows for modulations of grain position, formant and duration, as well as filter cutoff. The second LFO is controlled by the modulation wheel and is used to create a vibrato.

For the grain synthesizer, three pages are available: Osc, Mod, and Voice. To open a page, click the corresponding button in the upper left of the Auron panel.

Selecting Samples

You can select samples on the sample selector that is opened by clicking the little triangle in the upper left of the page.