Zone Types

Synth Zone

Uses a combination of oscillators, a ring modulator, and a noise generator as sound source. The synth zone oscillators offer much more than classic subtractive synthesis.

Sample Zone

Uses a sample as sound source. With the AudioWarp features, sample zones allow for pitch shifting and time stretching, and the Vintage setting emulates the sound quality of the first samplers. In the Sample Editor for a sample zone, you can slice the sample and create a step modulation for each slice, for example.

Granular Zone

Granular zones use a sophisticated granular synthesis as sound source. This allows you to create complex sounds that can drastically evolve over time from any sample.

Organ Zone

Organ zones produce the sound of classic drawbar organs with up to nine drawbars.

Wavetable Zone

Wavetable zones use wavetable synthesis as sound source. Its high-quality analysis combined with the wavetable envelope allows for resynthesis of a sample, that is, only a few waves are necessary to reproduce the original character of any sample.

If not explicitly stated, the functions described in this chapter apply to all zone types.