Pitch Section

On the Pitch section for synth, sample, grain, and wavetable zones, you can make settings for tuning and pitch modulation.

Pitchbend Up/Pitchbend Down

Determines the range for the modulation that is applied when you move the pitchbend wheel.


Adjusts the pitch in octave steps.


Adjusts the pitch in semitone steps.


Allows you to fine-tune the pitch in cent steps.

Pitch Envelope Amount

Determines how much the pitch is affected by the pitch envelope.

Random Pitch

Allows you to randomly offset the pitch with each played note. Higher values cause stronger variations. At a setting of 100 %, the random offsets can vary from -6 to +6 semitones.

Pitch Key Follow

Allows you to adjust the pitch modulation by MIDI note number. Set this parameter to positive values in order to raise the pitch the higher you play. Use negative values to lower the pitch the higher you play. At a setting of +100 %, the pitch follows the played note exactly.

Center Key

Specifies the MIDI note that is used as the central position for the Key Follow function.

Bypass Pitch Envelope

This button in the header of the Pitch section allows you to bypass the Pitch envelope.