Waveform Display

The waveform display shows the waveform image of the sample. To the left of the waveform display, a level scale is shown, indicating the amplitude of the audio.

  • To select whether the level is shown as a percentage or in dB, click the level scale label at the top (dB or %), and select an option from the pop-up menu.

  • To display the half level axis, right-click in the waveform display and select the corresponding option on the context menu.


The ruler shows the timeline in the specified display format.

  • To select the format, click the arrow button to the right of the ruler and select an option from the pop-up menu.

    You can choose to display bars and beats, seconds, or samples.

View Options

Channel View Options

You can display either all channels, a specific channel, or the sum of all channels by activating the corresponding button to the left of the waveform display. If no selection is made here, all channels are displayed.


Which channel selector buttons are available depends on the sample file.

Show Fades in Wave

If this button is activated, your fade settings are displayed directly in the waveform.

Show Gain in Wave
  • If this button is activated, the waveform display shows the influence of the Gain parameter on the sample. The gain can either be set manually or by using the Normalize function.

  • If this button is deactivated, the original raw sample data is shown.

Show Pitch Detection Curve

If this button is activated, the pitch detection curve is displayed on the waveform. This curve shows you where in a sample the pitch can be detected properly.

Show Pitch Envelope/Show Level Envelope

You can edit the pitch and the level of a sample using the integrated pitch and level envelopes. This allows you to modify the pitch of the attack portion of a sample or to correct the pitch or the level of a loop end so that it matches the loop start, for example. Both envelopes are applied when you play a sample using your MIDI keyboard.

To edit an envelope, click Show Pitch Envelope or Show Level Envelope.

  • To offset the pitch or level of an entire sample, add a single node and move it up or down from the center position.

  • To add further to the envelope, double-click the curve.

  • To remove a node, double-click it.

  • To reset a node to its neutral position, Ctrl/Cmd-click it.

Zoom Envelope

Zooms in on the pitch and level envelopes. This allows you to edit the envelopes in more detail.

Bypass Gain, Tuning, Fades, and Envelopes in Editor Playback

Bypasses any level and pitch corrections that are performed by changing the gain of the sample, using fade curves, the pitch envelope, and the level envelope.