Editing Samples in an External Editor

HALion allows you to use an external sample editor to perform destructive offline editing on a sample.


Not all sample editors provide the same functionality, that is, certain features, like transferring sample loop markers, are not always possible. To get the best results, use Steinberg’s WaveLab.

  • To load the current sample in an external editor, right-click in the waveform of the sample, and select Sample > Open in External Editor.

    The external sample editor is launched and the sample is transferred.


    This menu entry is only available if an external editor is specified in the Edit section in the Options Editor.

HALion creates a copy of the sample and writes it to a temporary folder. This folder is specified in the Options Editor. If no folder is specified, the temporary folder of the operating system is used. Changes in the external editor are made to the copy of the sample.

When you save the sample in the external editor, HALion recognizes that the temporary file has changed and lets you update the corresponding sample.


Sample start/end and release markers cannot be transferred to an external editor.

If a sample is referenced by several zones, changes to the sample are reflected in all these zones.