Voice Groups

By assigning zones to a voice group, you can set their polyphony individually. You can manage the polyphony across zones that are not part of the same layer. Furthermore, zones can steal notes from each other, regardless of whether they are in the same layer.

The maximum number of notes that you can play in a voice group is limited by the Polyphony setting of the corresponding program or layer.

The parameters of the voice groups are edited using the columns in the table below the Voice Management section.


Shows the number of the voice group.


Allows you to set the polyphony for each voice group.


If voice groups belong to the same exclusive group, they cannot be played back simultaneously. The voice group that was triggered last has priority over the voice groups that were playing before. Any voice groups of the same exclusive group that were playing are cut off. A typical example for assigning voice groups to an exclusive group is a drum set where the closed hi-hat cuts off the open hi-hat.

  • To assign a voice group to an exclusive group, select a number from the pop-up menu.

Voice Mode

Allows you to set the Voice Mode parameter separately for each voice group.