Value Fields

You can enter or edit values in the available value fields using your keyboard or mouse. To enter key ranges or the root key, for example, you can use an external MIDI keyboard.

To set a value, you have the following possibilities:

  • Double-click in a value field, enter a new value, and press Enter.

    If the entered value exceeds the parameter range, it is automatically set to the maximum or the minimum value, respectively.

  • Click in the value field and drag up or down.

  • Position the mouse over a value field and use the mouse wheel.

  • Click the up/down triangles next to the field.

  • To set the parameter to its default value, Ctrl/Cmd-click the value field.

  • To use a fader to adjust the value, Alt-click a value field.

  • To enter musical values, such as key ranges or the root key, with your MIDI keyboard, double-click the value field, press a key on your MIDI keyboard, and press Return.

  • To navigate to the next parameter, press Tab. To jump backwards to the previous parameter, press Shift-Tab.

    If no parameter is selected inside the focused view, pressing Tab always jumps to the first parameter.