Using an Alternative MIDI Trigger Note Mapping

If you use an external hardware drum controller that sends specific MIDI notes for specific instruments, you can specify an alternative MIDI trigger note mapping.


  1. Activate Use Hardware Controller Mapping in the lower right corner of the instrument pad section.

    Now you can load, save, and delete different trigger note configurations.

  2. Specify a new trigger note for the pad.
    • Right-click a pad, select Edit/Learn Trigger Note and specify the new trigger note by entering it into the value field or by playing the corresponding note on your hardware controller.

    • Right-click a pad, select Trigger Notes > Assign Trigger Note and select the note from the submenus.

    Groove Agent SE jumps to the next pad.

  3. Assign a MIDI note to all the pads that you want to use and press Enter to stop assigning MIDI notes.

    Assigned trigger notes are shown on the Trigger Notes submenu of the context menu.