Mixing Your Kits in Cubase/Nuendo

You can perform the mixing of an Acoustic Agent SE kit in the MixConsole of your Steinberg DAW rather than in Groove Agent SE. You can either start from scratch or use the mixer settings from Groove Agent SE as a starting point.


Right-click the kit in the Kit Rack and select Export Mixer to Cubase/Nuendo or Export Mixer and FX to Cubase/Nuendo.

Now, the following happens:

  • For all Groove Agent SE group channels, such as Kick or Snare, corresponding group channels are created in your Steinberg DAW.

  • Instrument channels, such as Kick Main, Kick Add, etc. are routed to individual plug-in outputs. These connections create the corresponding MixConsole channels in your Steinberg DAW.

  • In the DAW, the instrument channels are routed to the group channels, following the original Groove Agent SE mixer structure. For example, Kick Main and Kick Add are routed to the Kick group channel.

  • If you selected Export Mixer and FX to Cubase/Nuendo, all Groove Agent SE channel strip effect settings and equalizer settings are transferred to the DAW.


    The Q settings in the DAW differ slightly from the Groove Agent SE equalizer settings, but they are recreated as close as possible.

  • The Kit Mix channel is added as a group channel and all instrument group channels and channels, such as Room, Overhead, etc. are routed to it.


The Groove Agent SE Agent mixer is recreated completely in the DAW. In Groove Agent SE, the mixer is deactivated and all mixing is now performed in the DAW.

  • If you want to reactivate the Acoustic Agent SE mixer, you must reload the original kit or use Revert to Last Saved Kit on the kit context menu.