You can use the keyboard to get a better overview of the mapping and to trigger MIDI notes.

  • To open the keyboard, click the Show/Hide Keyboard button in the upper right corner of the panel.

The keyboard shows the pattern pads and the instrument pads of the selected kit. If pads share the same keys, the pattern pads have priority, that is, only the pattern pad is shown on the keyboard.

If Use Pattern MIDI Port for Pattern Pads is activated on the Pattern page, instrument pads are not shown on the keyboard if the Pattern page is shown, and vice versa.

The following color scheme is used in the keyboard:

  • Keys that are not assigned are grayed out.

  • Keys that are assigned are shown in white and black, respectively.

  • Keys that belong to a pad for which a color is assigned are shown in this color.

Previewing Notes Using the Keyboard

  • To preview a note, click the corresponding key on the keyboard.

    The vertical position where you click a key defines the velocity that is used to trigger the note. Click the lower part of a key to use the highest velocity, and the upper part to use the lowest velocity.

  • To play a key and all following keys at the same velocity, for as long as you keep the mouse button pressed, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and click the key on the keyboard.

  • To play each note 10 times at increasing velocities between 1 and 127, hold down Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt and click a key.