Assigning Multiple Trigger Notes to an Instrument Pad

Some hardware drum controller instruments, like crash cymbals, provide several zones. These zones are sending different MIDI notes, in order to play different articulations. If a drum kit comes with a sample mapping that contains all articulations on dedicated instrument pads, each instrument pad only requires one specific trigger note. However, if the kit does not provide a pad for each articulation, you can assign multiple trigger notes to one instrument pad, so that each zone on the hardware controller triggers the same sample.


  1. Activate Use Hardware Controller Mapping in the lower right corner of the instrument pad section.

    Now you can load, save, and delete different trigger note configurations.

  2. To specify an additional trigger note for the pad, do one of the following:
    • Right-click the instrument pad, select Trigger Notes > Add/Remove Trigger Note and select the note that you want to add from the submenus.

    • Right-click the instrument pad, select Trigger Notes > Learn Additional Trigger Notes and play the additional note on your keyboard.

    You can specify up to three additional notes for each pad.

    Assigned trigger notes are shown on the Trigger Notes submenu of the context menu.