The toolbar contains useful global functions.

MIDI Follow

If this button is activated and you trigger a sample or play an instrument via the keyboard, they are automatically shown in the corresponding editor. For example, a sample is automatically shown in the Sample Editor, and an instrument is automatically shown in the Pattern Editor.

Controller Selector

By default, incoming velocity values determine which sample is played. You can use another controller instead. This allows you to select the sample via the modulation wheel, for example.

  • To use another controller, activate the controller selector button, right-click it, and select the controller that you want to use from the list.


You cannot change the controller for sample playback if Fix Velocity is activated.

Fix Velocity

To trigger all pads with the same velocity, activate this button. Use the button to the right to set the velocity value. This velocity is used for incoming MIDI notes, as well as for notes that are triggered by clicking a pad.

Global insert, AUX, and Pattern Player buttons

Use these buttons to switch off all insert effects, AUX effects, and pattern players for the entire plug-in at once. You can use this to compare sounds with and without effects or to use a preset without the pattern player, for example.

RAM Save

Allows you to unload unused samples.

MIDI Reset

Click this button to stop playback and reset all MIDI controllers to their default values.


To undo or redo a single operation, click the Undo or Redo buttons. To undo or redo multiple operations, click the arrow next to the button to open the history and select the step to which you want to return.


How many undo/redo operations are available depends on the Undo Steps setting on the Options page.